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Frequently Asked Questions

CFCI Bible College


What night of week will classes take place?

Wednesday 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


How many classes can I take at once?

Classes for each year of the program occur one night per week.


How often can I sign up for Classes?

The subject matter for all Bible College Classes is offered once per year.


Will there be homework?

Yes, there will be homework assignments.


What other time commitments are there?

a. Regular attendance of Sunday Services (minimum of 40 services per year) at your local church.

b. Regular attendance of a small group.

c. Four tests-held each year held on Saturday.


What type of degree will I have when I finish year 3?

Bachelor’s Degree in Practical Ministry.


How long will it take to get a Degree in practical ministry?

3 years


What type of work will students are able to do once they have completed 3 years?

Students will be equipped to fulfill their ministry within a local church: having obtained in depth bible knowledge, as well as gaining ministry exposure. Modules on leadership principles, church administration, Church financial management will equip students to add value to any ministry they become involved in. This includes those called to 5 Fold Ministry.


What will it cost me to attend Bible College?
What are my payment options?

Refer to information on fees and payment (under classes menu)


Is there financial aid or scholarships available?

Not at this time.


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