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Foundational Training Courses

Christian Family Church Gulf Coast runs the following Foundational / Pre Requisite Courses:


Growth Track:

4 Sessions

This course covers the major truths that will lay a strong foundation for both young & old born-again believers. Some of the subjects covered in the course are: faith, righteousness, water baptism, praise and worship, and the importance of having a spiritual home.


Biblical Foundations for Life:

In this course we build on the foundation previously laid during Growth Track. We expand your understanding by covering topics like; The Godhead, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, The Ministry of Angels, The Integrity of God’s Word, Faith and How it Works, Developing a Prayer Life, Divine Healing and Prosperity, and much more.


Under Cover:

In this course you will learn the value and power made available to you through submission to authority. You will learn the importance of having a spiritual covering over you and for those unwilling to submit to authority, no authority will ever be granted to them.


Full Flame:

If you've ever dreamed of doing something great for God, but weren't sure of the qualifications needed, Full Flame answers your questions and reveals those same biblical principles that propelled Reinhard Bonnke to become one of today's leading soul-winners.

Full Flame harnesses the power of dramatic story-telling to share the important concepts that you need to know and Reinard Bonnke's gift for illustrating complex biblical principles with clarity anyone can understand.

Full flame is Your passport for discovering the fire that God has waiting for you!

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