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Third Year - Degree

Ministry Leadership Studies

Year’s theme:

Impartation to Sons


The Bachelors in ministry program consists of the following subjects:


Angels and Demons​

We often over inflate the influence that demons have on people and neglect that angels too, not only influence people for the good, but minister to those who are weak as well. We have to know who we are up against in order to resist by faith and in this module you will study the origin and operation of the demons but more importantly our victory over their influence.​

​Church Administration​

How and who will ultimately manage your church can sometimes be a difficult question to answer. It is important that the senior pastor direct the affairs of ministry and yet maintain financial integrity. The basics of financial management will be taught in this module from a ministerial perspective​.


Church Management​

This module is interconnected with the previous one in that you are now taught the different models of church management and governance. The pros and cons of each and which one to adopt in order to produce the success God desires for your ministry. The title says it all, how to go about managing your church God’s way.​


Church Practics

Weddings, funerals, dedications and Holy Communion are part of everyday church life. How to conduct these services and what to say can sometimes be daunting so this module was compiled with the intention of providing you with everything you’re going to need to know. Included will be examples of Word-based sermons for each occasion.​



Training Methods
I speak, you listen (Matt. 5:7), I do, you watch (Matt. 8:9),
You do, I watch (Matt. 10)​

​Financial Management​

Church Administration covers a number of important issues relating to the successful running of a ministry, particularly in respect of legal matters and statutory requirements. These are often overlooked in the early stages of developing a ministry which can cause unnecessary challenges. The purpose of this series of lectures is to make the student fully aware of the entities involved,
as well as the policies and procedures that need to be in place.​


Hermeneutics 101

Most Christians don’t know where to start when it comes to successful Bible study.  We will be utilizing the Thompson’s Chain Reference for effective and fruitful Bible study. Through practical assessment experience, you will learn the wonders and the depth of God’s Word.​


Introduction to Management ​

Directors of successful companies the world over attribute their success to being able to apply the global basic management principles taught in any credible educational institution. Likewise, we feel that in order for you to achieve success in ministry, these same principles have to be grasped and applied to your church environment. After this module, you will have greater insight into management and the vital role it will play in your future.​


​Introduction to Ministry ​

This module aims to determine whether you are called to the Five-Fold Ministry or not, and if so where?


Pastoral Counseling​

Counseling is NOT giving advice but rather providing a platform whereby those who seek your guidance can, for themselves in an anointed and Word saturate environment, come to their own Godly conclusions on how to proceed and face their giants. Counseling is an art that every successful pastor needs to master in order to see his flock live the free life purchased for them at Calvary. This module is there to train you to achieve this goal.​


The Anointing​

Some refer to the anointing as God’s super on your natural. Nevertheless, the anointing is the key to successful ministry and without it, nothing would be possible. How do we qualify for lasting anointing? Are there keys to increasing the anointing, and how can I stay full of this empowering presence of God that keeps me ahead in life? All this and much more in this module.

​The Role of the Founding Pastor​

As a leader getting ready to plant your own work, it’s important to have a mentor who’s been where you’re going. Someone who is not only prepared to share their secrets to successful ministry but also the consequences of bad decisions made along the way. Your mentor is proof that what you desire to do, and where you desire to be is attainable. This module is packed with wisdom keys for success and outlines the role of the founding pastor of a church.​



Every ministry needs a balance and every ministry should tithe. We firmly believe that to support orphans, widows and the aged in various ways is a key to success and the anointing of God on a ministry. Comprehensive training will be provided on this module on how to establish, administrate and maintain a welfare department in your church.​

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