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Second Year - Diploma

Biblical Leadership Studies

Year’s theme:

Fanning into Flame The Gifts Given to You


The diploma program consists of the following subjects:


Ministry Leadership II

Caring for Gods flock was the training ground for mighty men like Moses, David and Paul. This module will further prepare you for the call of God, providing practical training on how to shepherd the “little” so that God can entrust you with the “much”. Leadership training forms one of the pillars of this year's curriculum.


Foundational Doctrines​

Most false religions have their roots in the hearts of charismatic people who had a basic knowledge of the Word of God but failed to apply the foundational truths it teaches. As you study the foundational doctrines clearly set out in Gods Word, you will not only be securing a future free from deception, but for all those God would call you to reach in the future.​


The Authority of the Believer​

Unless we gain revelation and not simply knowledge of our authority as believers, life will reign over us, as opposed to us reigning in life. Authority deals with our power, ability and clout in the earthly and spiritual realms. Here we dig deep into this subject that produces great power. ​



We recognize that only once you have been exposed to missions and have actually been on the mission field can you appreciate the need for thriving Word-based churches to give something back and support credible mission’s works; perhaps start one of your own. In this module, you will be taught, equipped and provided with material to initiate a missions department in your church.


Amazing Grace

After being saved by the amazing grace of God, most Christians endeavor from then on out to grow without it, thinking that “now that God has done His part, I must do mine”. This module emphasizes that not only are we saved by grace, but it is only as we become fully reliant on God’s grace that we grow into the image and likeness of Jesus.​


​Developing Godly Character​

The Greek word for character is “dokime” which more accurately translated means “specimen of tried worth”. It is God's desire to test us at every stage of life so that we become specimens of tried worth. This module steers you through the process of growing in the character of God and what you could expect along the way​.


​The Gifts of the Holy Spirit​

Nine gifts are given to the church as a sign that Jesus has risen from the dead. It’s what separates us from every false religion there is. This module builds your faith to receive and start flowing in the gifts to win the lost into the kingdom of God. The gifts are a vital part of our witness. ​


​Evangelism​ Explosion

The success of EEIII is spoken of around the world and to date is one of the most recognized methods of evangelism. This course has been adopted into our curriculum with the knowledge of EEIII international and will transform your life in the sphere of witnessing as it has for the millions that have gone before you.​


​The Blood Covenant​

Throughout the Bible, covenants were cut between man and man, and God and man. The most powerful covenants were ratified in blood and lasted for life. As you discover the power of the blood covenant God Himself cut with man, you will marvel at how desperate God is to see you succeed and what lengths He is prepared to go to for fellowship with you.​


Above all else, God desires a relationship and close fellowship with us. Because of our fallen state, He set a plan in motion that would qualify man to live on His level so that He would not have to live on ours. He gave us right-standing as a gift so that we, like Adam, could fellowship with Him once again. This module is dedicated to moving us from sin consciousness to God consciousness.

​The Five-Fold Ministry

What is it and why did God set these ministries in place? Are there differing degrees of authority within this structure, and who should be accountable to whom? What are the main roles each one plays and where should their respective focuses lie? All will be revealed in this intriguing module. ​

The Ministry of Jesus

Why did He come and what did this unassuming, gentle and amazing man from Galilee achieve that to this day would cause the world to talk about Him? As we study His earthly ministry closely, we cannot but help discover our own. The effects of His brief life on earth rendered the “god of this world”, Satan, powerless.



Upon successful completion of year two, students will receive a diploma, as well as gain eligibility to enroll on the School of Timothy’s, which is the third year of this course.

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